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Cooperation in Online training for infectious diseases between the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital and Teikyo University – Japan.

The course is taught by lecturers who are experts in the fields of infectious diseases, resuscitation, emergency medicine, molecular biology and cardiology of the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital for Japanese students including: doctors, final year medical students of Teikyo University. With a long history of development, Teikyo University is one of Japan’s leading Medical Universities in the field of infectious diseases.

During the course, the instructors trained directly in English, the class had a direct and effective exchange of information. “I was really surprised at the in-depth knowledge in the fields of pediatrics that the lecturers brought, many interesting special cases were shared, I hope to have the opportunity to come to Vietnam as soon as possible and go to the National Children’s Hospital to learn more”. Student Akazawa Maiko excitedly shared after the course.

Prof Kazuo Suzuki – The International Institute for Disease Control in Asia, Teikyo University highly appreciates the capacity of the lecturers from the National Children’s Hospital, and also thanks the hospital’s Board of Directors for creating favorable conditions so that 2 hospitals can get online training program with many positive results. With the knowledge gained in the online training exchange program, Japanese doctors and students participating in the course will have a scientific basis in the research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Infectious. Prof Suzuki emphasized.

“The online training exchange program between the National Children’s Hospital and Teikyo University – Japan is a great step forward in the training activities of the National Children’s Hospital, not only in domestic training but the experts of the National Children’s Hospital can now expand their training cooperation with countries around the world. In the coming time, with the efforts in training innovation in the 4.0 technology era, the National Children’s Hospital will promote and widely connect with many more units in the field of pediatrics, raising the level of the patient’s disease. institute in the period of international integration”. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Minh Dien – Director of the hospital shared after the success of the training program.

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